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This is a historic bathing place accessible from Donnington Bridge, now a SSSI nature reserve, managed by the city council.

It is still used for swimming, very much at your own risk. The changing rooms have long since been demolished, but the ladders for getting in and out of the water remain.

A small group is attempted to rejuvenate the site and apply for it to be awarded official bathing water status, just as has occurred with the Thames north of Oxford.


Access is from the towpath which runs on the west side of the river. From the city centre the towpath is the quickest route. After crossing a tributary stream just turn off right on a grassy track about 200m before Donnington Bridge. From the Donnington Bridge direction turn left at the sign and a litter bin onto a grassy track.

The nearest road access is from the ramp steps on the north side of Donnington Bridge.

The nearest car park is Meadow Lane and there might also be some on-street parking remaining in that area, but with restrictions and traffic it might be easier to use Redbridge P&R car park and walk via Abingdon Road and Weirs Lane.