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Meadow Lane Nature Reserve, Oxford
Managed by:Oxford City Council
OS grid reference:SP 526 042
Nearest postcode:OX4 4BL
Usual work:Scrub clearance, habitat maintenance

Meadow Lane Nature Reserve is an idyllic meadow beside the Thames to the South of Oxford. A variety of flora and fauna are known to thrive at the site but in recent years the meadow has been allowed to scrub over, which has made survival of rarer species more difficult. OCV are to assist at the site through scrub clearance that will allow space for a wide variety of wild flowers to flourish at the site once again.

Flora and Fauna

Meadow Lane Nature Reserve contains a variety of mature broad leaved trees such as black poplar, Lombardy poplar, horse chestnut, oak, ask, willow, sweet chestnut, elder and birch. There is also holly and hawthorne at the site in addition to a range of flora including meadowsweet, fritillary and willowherbs. Along the river beside the reserve are bull rushes, wild mint and water lilies among others.

Conservation Management

This is a lovely river-side meadow full of wild flora and fauna, that is in need of scrub clearance in order to ensure that the more delicate species have space to thrive. One species that requires particular control at this site is the invasive snowberry. This North American deciduous shrub was introduced to Britian to provide game cover as it quickly spread via the production of suckers to provide large thickets, making it detrimental to native flora and fauna. It has small pink bell-shaped flowers in Summer and distinctive 10-15mm diameter white berries in Autumn that are not thought to be eaten by British bird species, with the exception of than pheasants during a hard winter. It is aimed to clear invasive species such as snowberry and bramble from much of the site in order to restore large areas of the site to meadow, whilst retaining sufficient cover for any wild fowl visiting the site.


If coming from the West across Donnington Bridge/Weirs Lane, take the first right after you have crossed the river to go down Meadow Lane. You will be able to see the City of Oxford Rowing Club on the corner of Donnington Bridge and Meadow Lane. There is also a little shop a short distance down Meadow Lane. Go past the rowing club and a yard, until you get to a gateway for the reserve. There is parking on the street opposite or elsewhere nearby. Note that the Redbridge Park and Ride is only a short walk from the site; from the P&R walk along Abingdon Road towards Oxford, and take a right down Donnington Bridge/Weirs Lane.