A Poem about OCV Hedgelaying

OCV’s an old hand now at hedge laying. We’ve been doing it for many years. However, we’ve mainly worked on hedges which have been more on the ‘mature’ side so we’re used to making the best with what we have. The hedge laying task at North Hinksey on Sunday 8th February however was a rare treat. The trees the made up the hedge were the right type & age so was perfect for laying.

The hedge was a long stretch but we had a good turnout & a number of locals also came along to help so we completed the hedge by the end of the day. Among them were Colin & Sally Hersom. Colin has written a poem to mark the day & describe our antics…


Hedge Laying

With choppers. mallets, stakes they came
To tame the hedge, it was the aim.
The sky was blue, the sun was warm,
For February, not the norm.

They trimmed and thinned, went like a breeze.
Does anyone need some sticks for peas?
It looks forlorn with brush cut out,
It will improve I have no doubt.

With billhooks sharp they hack and hew
The upright stems not quite through.
The hedge laid low looks quite absurd,
It will regrow, you have my word.

With posts in place they shove and heave
To twist the stems in basket-weave,
The binders added to the top.
All complete, so now they stop.

They arrived at ten and stayed past four
The work not finished much before.
A job well done, we give three cheers
For the Oxford Conservation Volunteers.

Colin Hersom.  February 2015

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