Don’t miss the bus – change in minibus pick-up times 1

Don’t miss the bus….

Due to the move to the new toolshed, we are changing the usual OCV minibus pick up times.

It is a simple reversal so that the Lamb and Flag pick up is now first, followed by the Cowley Road pick up, so the new times are:

  • Outside the Lamb and Flag pub on St Giles at 9.20am
  • Opposite Tesco Metro on Cowley Road at 9.30am
minibus pickups

Lamb & Flag at 9.20 and Cowley Rd at 9.30

You can find a reminder of this on the FAQs on the OCV website.

The new pick up times are coming into effect from this Sunday 17th August for the task at Iffley Island and then for all subsequent tasks.

Although, if you do miss the bus this Sunday, don’t panic! The task site is near Donnington Bridge, so you can walk there from either pick-up site – no excuse!

But take note of the new times so that you’re not caught out like this unfortunate lot:



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