The Evolution of The Weasel 1

Welcome to the exciting new incarnation of the OCV newsletter. We hope you’ll like this more agile and up-to-date Weasel!

Since it first emerged all those eons ago (around 1977) The Weasel has undergone some transformations…


A tentative Weasel first pokes its head out, sensibly wary of this volunteer’s felling technique:

Weasel Cover 1977

Spot the weasel!


By 1979 The Weasel poses more confidently:

Weasel Cover March 1979

Extra marks for innovative lettering


By the early Thatcher era of the 1980s, The Weasel seemed to have morphed into a megalomaniac press baron:

Weasel Cover June 1982

More Maxwell than Weasel!


The late 1980s saw a more noble Weasel profile:

Weasel Cover Autumn 1988

Bright eyed and twitchy nosed


The 1990s took an artistic turn:

Weasel Cover September 1991

Are your eyes bigger than your stomach Mr Weasel?


By the late ‘noughties’, The Weasel had a more polished feel, but still maintained a cheeky outlook:

Weasel logo and header 2000s

That’s no way to carry a bill hook and bowsaw


One of the main roles of The Weasel in the dark days before the internet had always been to publicise the upcoming task programme, but with the advent of the OCV website, and an entirely online task programme, The Weasel could roam more freely. Therefore, 2008 saw a new upstanding logo and a range of natty taglines:

Weasel online 2008

….and now The Weasel has escaped the ties of a (supposedly, hmm) quarterly publication schedule and bounds into the future reporting items of news whenever and wherever it finds them. We hope you like this new evolution of The Weasel.

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