A Moving Experience for OCV

Who knew OCV had so much stuff!

The contents of the toolshed

All the things! Do we really need so many stakes and binders?

Some of our volunteers found out exactly how much stuff we had when they had to move it all from our current toolshed location at Stansfeld Outdoor Education Centre to our brand new toolshed at the Oxford City Council depot in Cutteslowe Park last weekend.

We have been fortunate to be able to store our tools and minibus at Stansfeld for the past four years. We are very grateful to Mike Smart, the Head of Stansfeld, for providing us with this space for so long and for being such a good friend to OCV. However, with the final closure of Stansfeld in July 2014, OCV has had to find a new toolshed space.

After many potential locations – some more creative than others – were discussed in our OCV committee meetings, Oxford City Council kindly offered us space at their depot in Cutteslowe Park. So, on Saturday 12th July, a small band of committed OCVers packed up our worldly possessions and drove them in the minibus to our new home.

He's big enough to carry some loppers!

Even the youngest OCV recruits were needed to help with the move!

All the OCV things in the bus

How much valuable OCV equipment (junk!) can you fit into a minibus?

It was an opportunity to clear out the forgotten corners of the toolshed and find things that may have been lurking there for ages. It doesn’t seem like much was thrown out in the process though, as Chris commented, “OCV has such a lot of stuff, most of it looks like rusty old junk but is actually Really Useful if you can work out what it’s for!”

Nearly empty toolshed

Dismantling the final slasher stands

Having a secure place to store our tools and minibus is essential for the continued running of OCV, so it’s no wonder that the toolshed in its many guises and locations has been an important part of OCV history, as shown by this past Weasel article marking our previous move from Brasenose Farm.

But what does the all important new toolshed look like? You’ll just have to come along to a task to find out!




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