Take a punt on our OCV socials 1

Eight intrepid OCVers took to the water for our annual punting social event on Thursday 10th July. We met at the Cherwell Boathouse for an evening of messing about on the river.

Happy punter

Some people take punting less seriously than others!

People soon remembered their punting skills and we settled in for a relaxing evening.

In charge of the punt

The passengers are smiling – it’s all under control now!

It was known for beer to have been consumed in some punts!


Having a pint in a punt

We navigated some tricky blockages from fallen trees in the river and got a bit closer to the foliage than even Conservation Volunteers would usually get! Our punters showed their expertise by doing some double punting action – using nothing but their skill (and our bare hands) to keep our punts together!

Two punts as one!

Showing double-punting prowess

It was all worth it, as we saw the sun going down in a lovely, peaceful part of the river.

Don't let the sun go down on me in a punt

Sunburst as seen from the back of a punt.

Admiring all that natural beauty is hard work, so we punted back to the designated picnic island for some tasty food – much cheese and many strawberries were consumed.

Picnic nom nom nom

Hungry punters tuck in – what a lot of strawberries.

Then we punted back to the boathouse…and the all important question – how many of us got wet? Sadly no one did the decent thing and fell in (even though some people came prepared with a change of clothes!)

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