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12 Days of OCV Christmas

Back in 2009, we designed an OCV Christmas card around the “12 Days of OCV Christmas”… it took a bit of organisation, herding volunteers, and tool counting. In the spirit of recycling old Christmas favourites I thought I’d share it with you again: If you’d like to check what each of the gifts for each […]

12 OCV Days of Christmas


Radio Interview! 2

  At the beginning of June during the task at Shotover, Chris, Tim and Ed took part in a radio interview about the group with Stuart Mabbutt who makes a show called Going Wild with Wildlife. He came along to our task to talk to us about OCV and what we do. There isn’t a […]

A Moving Experience for OCV

Who knew OCV had so much stuff! Some of our volunteers found out exactly how much stuff we had when they had to move it all from our current toolshed location at Stansfeld Outdoor Education Centre to our brand new toolshed at the Oxford City Council depot in Cutteslowe Park last weekend. We have been […]

Nearly empty toolshed

1 Weasel 1977

The Evolution of The Weasel 1

Welcome to the exciting new incarnation of the OCV newsletter. We hope you’ll like this more agile and up-to-date Weasel! Since it first emerged all those eons ago (around 1977) The Weasel has undergone some transformations…   A tentative Weasel first pokes its head out, sensibly wary of this volunteer’s felling technique: Spot the weasel! […]