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Oxford Mail article on Trap Grounds project

Today’s Oxford Mail has an article about the reed bed restoration project at the Trap Grounds: We helped build the bridge to provide access to the reed bed so invasive willows could be cut down and then with the clear up (lots of lugging timber and a few good bonfires). This is a regular […]

Going, going, gone – Farewell to Didcot powerstation

Didcot power station has been a feature of Oxfordshire’s landscape for the last forty years, the six distinctive hyperbolic cooling towers standing proud. Whether they were an eyesore or beloved iconic industrial feature has been debated since they were constructed (even inspiring an Ode by poet Kit Wright). To OCV they are a distinctive (and […]

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Fencing training – en garde! 1

OCV do a lot of fencing. For our clients this is vital work ensuring the safety of their livestock used to maintain important habitats. Take a walk round Raleigh Park in Oxford and you’ll see the efforts of our labour. It is a technically demanding and rewarding task, from the physical slog of digging holes […]