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7 Billhooks You Should Recognise 1

Chris Skepper has been OCV Tools Officer and Task Programmer in the past so he should know his Yorkshire billhook from his Staffordshire billhook: Billhooks are a tool for cutting or splitting green wood; they are something between a knife and an axe. They were traditionally used to coppice thin wood for animal feed and […]

7 different patterns of billhook

1 Weasel 1977

The Evolution of The Weasel 1

Welcome to the exciting new incarnation of the OCV newsletter. We hope you’ll like this more agile and up-to-date Weasel! Since it first emerged all those eons ago (around 1977) The Weasel has undergone some transformations…   A tentative Weasel first pokes its head out, sensibly wary of this volunteer’s felling technique: Spot the weasel! […]