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12 Days of OCV Christmas

Back in 2009, we designed an OCV Christmas card around the “12 Days of OCV Christmas”… it took a bit of organisation, herding volunteers, and tool counting. In the spirit of recycling old Christmas favourites I thought I’d share it with you again: If you’d like to check what each of the gifts for each […]

12 OCV Days of Christmas

Christmas party 2014

Christmas Cheer! 1

OCV held its Christmas party last Friday at the Restore Garden Cafe – it looks like a good time was had by all! Prizes* for the best caption and for “guess the number of beer cans and bottles” on the table   [ * Where “prizes” actually means a sense of satisfaction at winning and […]

Rule of Thumb for Loppers – Top Tools Tips

Loppers are used on many tasks as they are handy for quickly cutting back brambles and small branches. When going through the safe handling of loppers in the tools talk before tasks, many OCV ‘old hands’ refer to the Lopper Rule of Thumb  – here it is explained:   Anything smaller than the circumference of […]

The correct way to carry loppers!

Steps made from coppiced wood

10 Really Useful Coppice Products 2

Now we’re comfortably into Autumn, we have a few coppicing tasks lined up. Coppicing tends to produce a lot of different lengths and sizes of wood – being from stout Yorkshire heritage, Chris Skepper would hate all this wood to go to waste, so he has listed his top ten ways of putting coppiced wood to […]

Nearly empty toolshed

A Moving Experience for OCV

Who knew OCV had so much stuff! Some of our volunteers found out exactly how much stuff we had when they had to move it all from our current toolshed location at Stansfeld Outdoor Education Centre to our brand new toolshed at the Oxford City Council depot in Cutteslowe Park last weekend. We have been […]

Take a punt on our OCV socials 1

Eight intrepid OCVers took to the water for our annual punting social event on Thursday 10th July. We met at the Cherwell Boathouse for an evening of messing about on the river. People soon remembered their punting skills and we settled in for a relaxing evening. It was known for beer to have been consumed in […]

Picnic nom nom nom

Himalayan Balsam growing tall

Knocking off Policeman’s Helmet 2

This Sunday’s task is pulling up Himalayan Balsam at Shotover Country Park, but why is this such an important thing to do? Himalayan Balsam (Impatiens glandulifera) is an invasive species that was originally introduced to the UK in 1839 as a hot house and warm garden plant famed for its prodigious growth. This meant the […]